Two By Two TWO BY TWO, 2004

Two By Two featured abstract paintings by Marjam Oskoui and flower arrangements by Ilga Ziegler and Andrea Roth. The music was provided by Rain.
Fatima's Hand FATIMA'S HAND, 2004

A series of photographs taken in New York at the former site of the World Trade Center.
Venice Biennale VENICE BIENNALE, 2003

Venice 2003 was a poi performance at the Venice Biennale in June 2003. The artist’s intent was to bring a fun dynamic to the German Pavillion.
Selected Paintings SELECTED PAINTINGS, 2003

A few of the selected paintings were exhibited at Dörrie & Priest, Hamburg in 2003 as part of Ulrike Das Projekt. Others were not shown previously.
Das Blutbad DAS BLUTBAD , 2003

Das Blutbad (The Blood Bath) is a series of digital photographs of a performance by David Burns in Los Angeles. Recorded in 2003.
Scrolls SCROLLS, 2002

A process-oriented, ritualistic work inspired by the role-playing in daily life. In Brot/Toast (“Bread-Toast”) bread and toast were soaked in ink and mono-printed on a rice paper scroll measuring 70cm by 12 meters long. Made in 1999.
Aerial View AERIAL VIEW, 2002

Aerial View featured abstract paintings by Marjam Oskoui and flower arrangements by Ilga Ziegler and Andrea Roth. The music was provided by the DJ, Neko. Aerial View took place in Spring 2002 at the Gardenia Studio in Los Angeles.
Moderne Rosen MODERNE ROSEN , 2001

Moderne Rosen – The Messenger opened in April 2001 in Los Angeles. Twenty-one drawings on 3” x 5” cards placed on translucent envelopes spoke to the beauty that transcends the meaning of everyday life. Moderne Rosen is German for “Modern Roses.” “The Messenger” refers to the notion of the love letter.
I Wanna Be A Rich Woman


I Wanna Be A Rich Woman opened at the NN&N Gallery, Los Angeles in 1999. It is comprised of ink on wood panels (48-60 x 11 inches). In I Wanna Be a Rich Woman, word gets reduced to pure graphic gesture and poetry is pushed to the edges (here, the frames of the panels).

Nine Sheets For Two To Read NINE SHEETS FOR TWO TO READ, 1998

Nine Sheets For Two To Read (subtitle: “Mimesis of Person and Speech”) included a user manual to be read by two people at the same time who would then proceed to ink drawings on Chinese good luck paper positioned on the floor. Of ritual character, this “floor piece” with autobiographical text appeared in a group show at CalArts in 1998.
Overheadenergytransportation OVERHEADENERGYTRANSPORTATION, 1998

Overheadenergytransportation opened at the 301 Gallery in Valencia, California in 1998. This installation features an overhead hanging scroll measuring 60cm by 30 meters long. It concerns itself with energy movement. The image, reminiscent of a raised conduit, contains a continuous calligraphic sign for bamboo; the title is written, and re-written (with no interruption).
Cypresses CYPRESSES, 1997

Cypresses (Zypressen am Ende des Weges—“Cypresses At The End Of The Road”), a series of variations: ink and paint on Xerox paper (each measures 43cm x 28cm). Each work in the series is a diptych; each diptych incorporates two photomechanically enlarged drawings of the “same” silhouette of two cypress trees.
Das Bett DAS BETT, 1997

Das Bett (or, The Bed –One Week in One Room). This series of aquarelle paintings was made on oat paper sheets (each measuring 61cm x 46cm). For the artist, these meditational works explore the interior and exterior of self and space. Made in 1997.